At Rivers Edge, we have state-of-the-art truck mount equipment for all types of cleaning — from carpet cleaning to tile and grout cleaning and all types of area rug cleaning. If you’ve been searching for the most efficient and effective process for air duct cleaning, Windsor residents can contact us at Rivers Edge today to book an appointment. Our team will be happy to assist you further and answer all of your specific questions.

Our team offers the ultimate truck mounted duct cleaning equipment, where we can perform the most thorough cleaning available. We use an extremely powerful air wash system that runs off a powered motor and an upgraded air pressure system. This system allows us to use the most sophisticated duct cleaning agitators to clean your air ducts properly. Our advanced duct cleaning methods reduce your heating bills by improving the performance of your airflow system, as well as improving air quality.


Rivers Edge only uses trained technicians. Each technician will wear floor-protecting booties at all times while in your home. A large drop cloth and plastic corner guards are also put in place to protect your walls and floor coverings. From start to finish during the duct cleaning process, we always treat your home as if it were our own and we take care to ensure that we leave it in perfect condition.

Rivers Edge makes every effort to make sure your air ducts are cleaned properly and without a trace of dust. The plastic wall and floor coverings protect wall corners from being scuffed in any way. Efficient and clean air duct cleaning is what you deserve and what the Rivers Edge technicians will deliver.

The Initial Process

The Rivers Edge technician turns off the home furnace, air duct filter and air conditioner. Turning off the home furnace and air cycling units prevents any of the dust that is being removed from recirculating. An 8″ access hole is cut on both the supply side and return side of the air duct system. An 8″ hose is connected to the hole allowing all debris to be carried out to the collector in the truck, with no dust circulated outside the air ducts.

1″ access holes are made in the proper positions to clean different sections of the main air duct work. These entry holes are properly sealed after they have been used to remove the dirt and allergen buildup. The performance of your home heating and cooling system is preserved and improved because the dust build-up is no longer stopping the airflow.

The Rivers Edge technician carefully seals off all the air duct registers and returns to create a sound vacuum on the entire side of the home air duct system. Rivers Edge technicians have a proven magnetic sealing process that removes the maximum amount of dust buildup each time.

The cold air duct return vent covers are then removed and the open areas are vacuumed out. There is usually a dust build-up and Rivers Edge technicians take special care with this extra step. Going the extra mile and removing dust before a seal is made is what takes the air duct cleaning to the next level.