Commercial duct & Carpet
Cleaning Near You

If you’ve been looking for commercial air duct cleaning or commercial carpet cleaning near you, now is the time to contact Rivers Edge. Our experts have the long time experience of working with other companies in Windsor and can consistently deliver expert and professional carpet cleaning, on demand. We have the expertise to get the job done quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your business can keep running smoothly as usual.

Our professionally trained customer service staff will provide an estimate and carefully record all the details that will guarantee your satisfaction. Our service is always tailored to your business’ specific needs and requirements, resulting in completely personalized service.

What is the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning?

The main difference between commercial carpet cleaning and residential carpet cleaning is the scale. There is much more carpet to clean in a restaurant, a business office or a movie theater than in a home, even in a large home. This is why it is good to go with Rivers Edge for commercial carpet cleaning.

Another reason to choose Rivers Edge is our commitment to quality and the ability to consistently reproduce the same 2 step carpet cleaning process, every time. Many companies also choose to add optional carpet protectors and deodorizers that bring the appeal of a fresh clean carpet to the next level.

We strive to provide a customer-oriented service that is friendly and informative, making sure that you always know what cleaning steps we’re following at your location.

Is Commercial Duct Cleaning Available?

Yes, our team at Rivers Edge provides a fully comprehensive commercial duct cleaning service — alongside our home duct cleaning provision. We have years of experience with providing high-quality commercial duct cleaning to firms around Windsor and beyond. Our expert technicians are also trained in using the appropriate equipment for business purposes.

If you run a business in the Greater Windsor Area, it is important to consider booking a regular commercial air duct cleaning appointment at your firm’s office or operating location. Some companies require air ducts to be cleaned as part of their company’s health and safety plan. By organizing a routine air duct cleaning session, you can help to ensure that you are taking good care of yourself and all of your employees.

What About Commercial Upholstery Cleaning?

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning is similar to commercial carpet cleaning, in the sense that it is a streamlined process that brings in high-quality results for the right price. We know that when it comes to cleaning a workspace, managers and business owners want a quick, efficient and proven service that is cost-effective. This is where the Rivers Edge attention to detail goes a long way. Not only is our service rapid and results-oriented — it cleans all of your upholstery to the very highest standard.

Our truck mounted cleaning system also allows for deep upholstery cleaning you will notice. Our staff is highly trained with this specialized equipment, which ensures that your office or business premises will receive the deep cleaning that it requires. The finishing touches that are achieved with our particular methods will earn the respect of your customers and patrons and they’ll notice the difference. When it comes to commercial upholstery cleaning, no one else in the area provides quite the same level of results as our experienced and dedicated team at Rivers Edge.